A Tudor Feast
Step back in time to the reign of famed Tudor monarchs like Henry VIII, Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I, as England broke away from the Roman Catholic Church, Shakespeare composed his sonnets, and explorers like Sir Walter Raleigh began the conquest of the New World. Diners can expect dazzling dishes from the tables of Hampton Court like Cockentrice, a stuffed suckling pig joined with a roast turkey to represent a mythical beast. Expect stories of court life, love and murder, tales of Elizabethan London and what it was really like to work in a Medieval kitchen.
Tarte Owte of Lent: cheshire cheese, fresh cream, saffron
Fritters of Spinnedge: ginger, pepper, currants
Mince Pie: lamb, dates, raisins, beef suet
Roast Venison and Sauce: vinegar, verjuice, cinnamon
Sallet of Herbs with Flower Petals: sorrell, cucumber, edible flowers
Cockenthrice: heritage suckling pig sewn to a turkey
Hippocras: spiced wine digestive
Wine Pears: mace, cloves, claret
Marchpane with Comfets: almonds, rosewater, candied fruits, nuts