Journey Along the Silk Road, part 2: Isfahan to Istanbul
In part two of this Silk Road supper clubs series, diners will pick up their journey in the Persian city of Isfahan and make their way through Baghdad before heading south to Alexandria in Egypt then north to Tbilisi in the Caucasus kingdom of Georgia, arriving finally in Turkish Constantinople (Istanbul). Expect tales of the Three Wise Men and how to source frankincense and myrrh, the grandeur of Medieval Baghdad, the wrath of the Mongols, and what happened to products from the East when they finally arrived in Europe.  
First: Isfahan, Persia
Shai Hamid: dried lime tea
Beet Pickled Turnips
Marinated Olives: walnuts and pomegranate
Carrots & Leeks: sesame atraf tib sauce
Second: Baghdad, Iraq
Hikakeh: jajeek & zhoug
Third: Alexandria, Egypt
Seared Goat Chops: fenugreek jam
Fourth: Tbilisi, Georgia
Fried Chicken: coriander butter & honey on flatbread
Fifth: Constantinople, Byzantium
Mastic & Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich
Shai Shaimoki: black tea with butter