Evolution of The New York City Restaurant

Diners will trace the evolution of the New York City Restaurant in this meal, looking at how the early taverns of the 19th century, evolved into eateries, cafes, dining halls, chophouses and finally the restaurant as we know it today. Diners will learn how a number of factors like housing, immigration, gender roles and the expansion of the city itself over the course of the 19th century led to the creation of New York’s cultural mecca: the restaurant.



Silver Shell Oysters
local oysters lightly stewed in their liquor, breadcrumbs & drawn butter




Mince Pie
currants, plums, sweet wine, mace & suet




Mock Turtle Soup
consomme with chicken quennelles, heritage pork & calf’s head




Maraschino Sorbet
refreshing ices with traditional Maraschino liquor




Roast Duck
sour cherries & asparagus Hollandaise




Alaska Florida
delmonico’s classic with seasonal house made ice cream and toasted meringue