Feminist Food, Feminist Art

Inspired by Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party this meal selects four of the incredible women featured in the original 1970's work, and recreates dishes from each of their respective time periods, creating an edible timeline of feminist history. Women featured include, Sappho (Ancient Greece), Eleanor of Aquitaine (early Medieval France/England), Christine de Pizan (Medieval Italy/France) and Sojourner Truth (Antebellum South/Civil War America). Each course dives into the personal history of the featured woman and elaborates on the status of women in that period, as well as her specific contributions to the fight for female equality.


first: sappho


Oysters with cumin sauce


Blood sausage



second: christine de pisan


Stuffed Capon

verjus, saffron, ginger, pepper, cinnamon



third: eleanor of aquitaine


Helmeted Cock

roast suckling pig, trencher, sauce black to grey



fourth: sojourner truth


Suet Pudding


Aliet Dulcia

Minne di Santa Agata