from the presidents table

From the original American celebrity chef, a slave named Hercules who escaped to freedom from Washington’s Mount Vernon in 1797, to President Barack Obama crouched on a tiny plastic chair discussing the state of the world over a beer in Vietnam with Anthony Bourdain, the culinary history of the White House is fraught, epic, and ultimately humanizing. This menu explores the role of food during four presidencies: Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Barack Obama. Our From the President’s Table menu uncovers forgotten histories, and understands how food can be a tool for diplomacy and cultural understanding, across the table and across the aisle.

first: thomas jefferson


Macaroni Soup
macaroni, broth, sherry



second: theodore roosevelt


Ballotines of Quail

quail, chaudfroid, truffle



third: richard nixon


Peking Duck

black mushrooms, mustard greens, pineapple



fourth: barack obama

Cornbread Madeleines

Roast Apples with Blue Cheese and Figs

California Sparkling Wine and California Oranges