Gourmet tart on wooden cutting board with sauce in cup and 15th century feast menu copy.jpg

15th Century Italian Feast

Potato cake at Spice Trade of the Medieval World dinner.JPG

the Spice Trade of the Medieval World

Cake at an Edible History Tudor feast.JPG

a tudor feast

Dinner plate with gourmet food at Edible History's Medieval Baghdad dinner.jpg

Culinary Splendors of Medieval Baghdad

Pecan pie at Evolution of the New York City Restaurant dinner.jpg

Evolution of The New York City Restaurant

Dessert platter for Feminist Food dinner at Edible History.jpg

feminist food, feminist art

Cake with PANGEA map for Edible History Secrets of The Trade Winds dinner.jpg

Secrets of The Trade Winds

Edible History's The Thousand Dollar Dinner menu.jpg

The Thousand Dollar Dinner

Edible History's From the Presidents Table dinner menu.jpg

From the presidents table

Front view of roasted dead pig prepared for historical dinner called The Pride Before the Fall.JPG