Secrets of The Trade Winds

In the 15th and 16th centuries, European explorers crisscrossed the earth looking for a passage to India in search of the origin of spices. This search for spices led to much more than cheap pepper: it led to the creation of empires. Trade winds brought the Spanish to the Americas, and the Portuguese to India. Diners will trace these routes that led to the Columbian Exchange, an unprecedented movement of plants and animals all over the globe: Peruvian potatoes made their way to Europe, Mexican chili peppers arrived in India, and citrus fruit from the Middle East was introduced to the Americas. Beginning dinner on the Iberian peninsula and sailing around the world, diners can expect traditional dishes of the period like ceviche from the Inca Empire of Peru, mole from Mexico, a cod pie from the captain’s quarters aboard the ship, and a trio of Indian desserts.




Stuffed Squid
carrot puree, raisins, parsley, mint





Ceviche Three Ways

Inca – fermented maracuya, peppers, chili

Colonial – tomatoes, onions, lime

Peruvian – corn, sweet potato, leche de tigre






turkey, chorizo, chili, cocoa




First Mate’s Pie
cod, sweet and sour sauce





Indian Sweets

goan style burfi