the pride before the fall

The Pride Before the Fall explores the rich and delicious history of the fall of empires across the globe. Beginning in the first century CE, the notorious gourmand Apicius is our guide through the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. Kitab al-Tabiq, the oldest surviving Arabic cookbook, will help us explore the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate through the palates of the eighth century empire. Diners will join Marie Antoinette on the Flight to Varennes, with an appropriately conspicuous pièce de résistance from classical haute cuisine. Finally, the Romanov’s bring diners into the twentieth century, as the lasting impact of the Russian Revolution is discussed over dessert.



Brain Sausage
laser and pepper


Lucanian Sausage

lovage, pepper, cumin and savory

Rose & Honey Wine




Chicken Judhaab

apricots, almonds and murri





Carpe Farcie

Stuffed carp, langoustine, asparagus





Layered honey cake


Choux pastry, caramel

fried Hail